IEI Technology Corp., a global industrial PC innovator, is proud to introduce the awarded industrial grade multi-touch panel PC, IOVU-430M. The IOVU-430M is granted the 2009 CEC (Control Engineering China magazine) Editor's Choice in HMI (Human-Machine Interface) category. By more than 2,100 controlling engineers' on-line voting and 12 global dedicated editors' final evaluation, the IOVU-430M stands out to be the winner from the competition.

The LCD panel sizes for our LCD product line ranges from 5.7" to 19" and are all industrial grade meaning dust and water resistant. IEI invests significantly in research and development to provide more consumer-oriented and application-specific products. Extensive design and production experience allows IEI to create products for a diverse range of industries including health care, retail, factory and home automation. We consider ourselves to be the industrial application manufacturer with the most extensive line of LCD product.

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